Aww… So Sweet…

Yesterday I was trying to catch a power nap after a busy morning. I thought of resting for 10-15min before heading to Sengkang library to return some books which were due that very day.

As usual, my elder son, Xiao Xiao Miao (XXM) follows me wherever I go. He is very attached to me which really is a surprise as I am frequently not home to do any activities with him. I depended on my husband to tuck him to bed on weeknights whenever I have classes. So, one might expect his relationship with my hubby to be very close but it isn’t the case. He kicks and bawls whenever Meow tries to carry him. It really hurts Meow very much. He tries to be upbeat about it and conscientiously makes an effort to bond with his son. But he hasn’t seen the fruits of his labour yet.

I needed to entertain XXM while I napped and I reckoned the best option was to give him the iPad. I could hear him playing his favorite app – Starfall ABCs. It was recommended by one of the mummies whose blog I was following. Anyhow, in the background, I could hear van, train, taxi etc. Before I knew it, I was knocked out.

Subconsciously, I heard “twinkle twinkle little star” being played in the background. I thought my son had moved on to another app. I left him to be cos I know he was still being entertained by the iPad which means I can still sleep.

Later, the music got a little too much to bear and I woke up. Meow had came into the room. He related that XXM turned on the nursery rhyme upon seeing me sleep. And he refused to let Meow turn it off. I sing to him when he sleeps and lately my adoptive daughter has been using this app to lull him to sleep in the afternoons. I wonder if that’s the reason why he was playing it for me.

An unexpected gesture from a 2 year old. So thoughtful and sensible. This is something I never want to forget.

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