A Letter to Skye

Dear son,

Daddy and I can’t believe our eyes till this day. It seems like yesterday that you entered our lives and I could still recall my “torturous” birth story. Actually, it was much more fun than I had expected and even funnier to recount my battle with anesthesia. You have grown so much and so fast especially in the last 6 months when your developmental milestones switched from physical to the linguistic department. We really can’t fantom what you will and can become in a couple of years.

Some brief recap over the past year. Up until the age of 1, you were the happy and easy going kid that everyone likes to play and carry with. You have an infectious laughter and a smile that people says resembles me. You are simply cute! At 10-12 months, you were an excellent crawler, navigating your way throughout our house. We have obstacles here and there but you proved yourself capable of negotiating them. You demonstrated to me that I shouldn’t waste my money sending you to indoor gyms like Gymboree etc with cushioned floors. Your infrequent encounters with the homogenous flooring and furniture has moulded your skull into an army helmet, incapable of pains. When Daddy and I play head on games with you, it is more often than not that we are the ones feeling the pain and agony. And many thanks to Grandma who taught you “knock knock” at seven months, you go banging your head against another’s with such gusto. Sometimes, you missed and you ended up hitting my nose. Mummy hates that!!! I will settle my cosmetic surgery bill with you at a later date.

When you were 13 months, along came didi whom you now affectionally bellow “Hao…..Yun……” with an ang mo slang. The first month, you kissed and caressed didi like we told you to. But in month two, we started seeing you slapping didi on the sly. I wonder if it was because of jealousy. By now, you were walking. You were walking with bowed feet, wobbling but steady. You are walking really well now, running and jumping with both feet of the ground at 23 months. Mummy is so proud of you. It took you a mere one week to get your feet off with lotsa encouragement from Daddy and I.

Your favourite game has always been peek-a-boo and you enjoyed a game of hide and seek whether you are on all fours or twos. You were our estate’s cleanliness inspector making a point to pick up any garbage, leaves or twigs on the ground and depositing it into the nearest bin. It really is a pity we didn’t bagged the cleanest RC award in Punggol. It clearly shows the effort of one is not enough. Since kakak’s entry into our household, you have also updated your abilities to perform simple household chores, from sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the window panes and wiping up after you have dirtied the floor either with your poor eating habits or urinary incontinence.

Com’on, life hasn’t been all about slavery for you for the past year. You did everything with the goodness of your heart and a warm one you have. Your thoughtfulness puts shame to adults like us. Whenever Mummy has a sniffle or two, you are always the one bringing a tissue to me. No questions asked. I feel so touched when u have to walk all the way from the living room to our bedroom, climbed up the bed just so for that piece of tissue and brought it all the way out for me. You waited for me to finish and willingly took the tissue and dumped it in the bin. I wonder if you will find my mucus filthy in future.

Whenever, I got home from work or school, you will always greet me at your fastest speed. Since a couple of months back say at about 20 months, you started bringing in my shoes from the doorway and replacing it on the shoe rack. We have never taught you or demanded this from you. It is purely an act of love on your part and I am so grateful.

Lately, you are also showing more love for didi, sharing your snacks and giving him the bottle. But you have also been stealing didi’s milk when he was younger. It was a funny sight. You have become a racer with the car that godma gave you. Daddy had a shock when he discovered your capability. He went on to train you on the slopes for the disabled when I wasn’t around. Heard that you have difficulty maneuvering round the sharp bends but it appeared you learnt. These are things not meant for me to see. Mummy trusts Daddy to give you an all rounded childhood that you deserves to have.

As you turn two on this day, we can’t wait to see what other surprises you have in store for us. Daddy’s wish to you is for you to 快高长大. Mine is for you to grow up happily. Our evergreen wish for you is 做个好人. Daddy has a expanded definition of 好 from mine. I will leave him to explain to you when you grow up.

Happy Birthday Tian Tian!!! (^O^)/


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