My Boy can Sing

Just a couple of weeks back, my colleague showed me a video of his son singing “twinkle twinkle little star”. I was so envious coz his son though 2 months older than xxm seemed so far ahead in his linguistic ability. I have been singing to xxm every night that I am home all the nursery rhymes I know since he was born. Nights that I am not around, I make my husband sing to him. There was a time when I was on overseas conference in the states that he cant fall asleep without hearing my voice. I had to sing to him via skype. Thanks to the time difference, I could manage before heading off for my conference meetings.

I gessed it all paid off when a couple of days ago, he starting of by humming. We were just pleasantly shocked then. Come weekend, my mum suddenly heard him rattling off the first line of twinkle twinkle little star clearly while the rest of the song is still fuzzy. We are very amazed at the difference in a couple of days. We have not been singing to him of late cos bedtime routine is taken over by storytelling and video watching sessions. He likes to rewatch past videos of his moments of fun. So it really took us aback that all the singing actually did paid off.

Update 22 Oct 2011

We chanced upon this video of twinkle twinkle little star. Very well made and it has a storyline to it. The main character is an owl who befriends a star who introduced him to the wonders of the night sky. We actually visited Jurong Bird Park today which I will write about in another post. So we took the opportunity to show him the owl. The owls’ enclosure is made to resemble the night sky. They have lights in the ceiling made to resemble stars so it wasn’t that difficult for him to form the association between what he saw on youtube and the bird park.


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