Potty Trained! No longer a dream!

I really must blog this today. XXM is potty trained! Well, not totally but he took a big step forward today! Good job boy!

Like before, XXM will tell anyone of us he wants to “shoo shoo”. However, whenever we bring him to the toilet, his urge to pee would suddenly disappear. So both of us would stand staring at either the toilet bowl or floor for some action until I grew impatient and asked one final time if he wanted to pee. He will then reply 不要. But in the next couple of minutes, he will pee in his shorts.

Today was an exception. Meow took him to the toilet as always. And lo and behold, the tap is released for the first time. Meow was so excited and praised him furiously. He couldn’t contain his excitement and called me at work immediately to break the good news. Although, I didn’t witness it physically, I felt like I was there with him. Meow was even more impressed when XXM said he wanted to sleep in the double decker bed we bought for him after the birth of XMM.

Our boys are growing up so fast! We really hope to be there to witness their every milestone.


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