Yoghurt Recommendation

If you are looking for a nice yoghurt drink other than Yakult or Vitagen for your toddler, you can try this – Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink. It comes in 90ml packs, available in 4 fruity flavours including blueberry, orange, strawberry and mixed fruits. I have seen it in NTUC and Prime supermarkets, retailing at $2 for a pack of 4.

What’s great about this drink is that it is endorsed by the health promotion board. And I like that these don’t have to be refrigerated like Yakult or Vitagen for I am against giving cold foodstuff to my children. For young kids without fully developed organs, it is crucial for them to eat food at moderate temperatures for it may upset the yin and yang balance of their organs in the future. Frequent ingestion of cold foodstuff can manifest as weak gastrointestinal tract, stomach cramps, indigestion, bloatedness etc. Even adults should be mindful of this.

A doctor friend of mine recommends that kids should be allowed one yoghurt drink per day. And this is what I have been practicing with XXM. So far, I have not noticed a change in his bowel habits but to concerned parents, it’s not causing him diarrhoea as well. So it’s great to take for maintenance of good gastrointestinal health. Try it today!





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