Exam Fever

It’s the time of the year again. Exams!!!

This is my 4th year first semestral examination. I have 2 papers to take this time – 中医內科学 & 中医耳鼻咽喉科。

Like always, I can hardly find time to revise my work. I can only do so on train rides to and from work. Revising at home is not achievable at all as my boys demand attention from me. Hence I have taken to taking afternoon half days from work a week prior to my exam so that I can revise my work in peace in school. Environment plays a crucial role in preparing my mindset. Most of the time, my mind is overcrowded with day to day decisions and thoughts so much so it is difficult to clear my mind to cram exam info.

Studying TCM requires a lot of memory work. I am used to the sciences stream where I strive to understand more than memorize. But in TCM, there are lots of 4 word combinations and herb concoctions that we have to remember. It really takes a super computer to do so. And there is no easy way out.

Anyway, just wish me luck.


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