Xmm’s First Birthday

We had the actual family celebration for Xmm’s birthday a day after his actual birthday which was on a Friday. It happened to coincide with Hari Raya Haji which fell on Sunday, making Monday a public holiday in lieu. Thus, we had a long weekend. To continue Xxm’s tradition of celebrating first birthdays at chalets, we decided to hold the celebration at Downtown East. We only decided on it 2 weeks prior to the event and thankfully we managed to book 3 rooms for our extended family.

Being a mother of two young kids and a busy working and studying one, I had every excuse not to prepare for the event :p My Mum was given the task of allocating food preparation amongst her sisters who were full of delight. Everyone was very excited over the chalet as we had not had one since Xxm and Xmm came along. All the cousins were grown up. For event decor and activities, the job was handed to my sister. Everyone executed their roles very well. The food was very well received, sufficient to feed one and all, and the activities that my sis planned were well received by the children. It really feels great to have such a doting aunt and a helpful family.

Alas, no actual pics of the BBQ were taken cos everyone were busy filling up their tummies with the delicious food.

Even though Xmm is the star, Xxm had all the fun!

One of the activities planned by my sis – Pirate Ship pinata. But the idea flopped quite badly cos the ship was so well constructed that it was virtually impossible for any kid to hit it open with eyes open, let alone closed. My princessy little cousin was swinging at it for as long as she could but she didn’t even manage to damage any part of the ship.

This mummy cannot lose. So I took two big hits with Xxm and the ship finally sank!

Distributing the goodies!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pics from the morning after.


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