Racial Harmony?

Xxm was at the playground yesterday. He had along with him his ride on which he obediently parked it beside Xmm’s pram. Whilst playing, he noticed some other kids had an identical ride on as him and they had it parked beneath the playground’s bridge. I do not know what ticked in his brain at that instance but he took his ride on and park it beside theirs. The older children who are roughly in their lower primary muttered some words to him. Then, I saw Xxm dragged his ride on back out. I walked over to him and queried what was wrong. He kept silent. Later, I overheard one of the older children commenting that Xxm doesn’t understand English.

Perhaps I was being over sensitive. I felt that the boy was cross referencing my son to some of the PRC children who also hung out at the playground. I do not feel that my son is being despised. What upset me was that the boy was not able to utilize his second language – chinese to attempt to communicate to Xxm. I believe Xxm does understand him to a certain degree since he understands me perfectly. He just do not know how to react.

So, the next time I hear something like this to anyone, I am going to go up to the person and say, “It’s you who do not know Chinese.”


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