Updates! 2012 Schedule

I received my results about a week back but was too busy to blog about it. I did better than expected especially an ENT (ear, nose, throat) subject which I scored 92 marks. This was the tougher paper of the two but I managed to do better. What a surprise!

2012 is going to be a challenging year for me. Besides work, studies and kids, I will need to sit for an international exam for my profession. There’s only 2 months left to prepare, having just completed the online registration and receiving the letter of acceptance.

Here are my “highlights” for 2012:-

January: Starts TCM Year 4 Semester II (classes 5x/ week)
Febuary: TCM classes 5x/ week
March: TCM classes 5x/ week & MDCB (Medical Dosimetry Certification Board) Exam
April: TCM classes 5x/ week & Perth family trip
May: TCM classes 4x/ week
June: TCM Year 4 Semestral II examination
July: Starts TCM Year 5 Semester I (classes 5x/ week)
August: TCM classes 5x/ week
September: TCM classes 5x/ week
October: TCM classes 5x/ week
November: TCM classes 4x/ week
December: TCM Year 5 Semestral I examination & Guangzhou TCM University 2 weeks attachment cum home visit

On the home front,

XXM will be joining Appletree playgroup when the new year starts. I hope he stays strong physically and may his health be not a cause for concern for me in the coming year.

That’s about it for the time being. I pray that 2012 will be another smooth sailing year for me.


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