2011 Xmas Celebration

We never had the intention of celebrating Xmas but we did it anyway!

In the foreground, you have our Xmas feast which comprises of aglio oglio (cooked by moi), pork knuckle, salad and popeye’s chicken. And in the background, you see my boys enjoying their Xmas present from Ah Gong. A Mega bloks truck which they happily brought to the sand pit this morning.

Poor Xmm didn’t get an actual Xmas gift. It was more of a Halloween gift for him. My mum and sis decided to get him a fur-worm to help him overcome his fear of hairy objects. He didn’t cry but refuses to go near it. When placed in his path, he will use the least contact to remove it. LOL! He will pout his lips and contort his face whenever he sees 毛毛 which is what it affectionately goes by now. Xxm don’t mind 毛毛 and it had somewhat replaced his lion toy as his bedtime buddy. So in essence, Xxm has 2 Xmas gifts while Xmm has none. Why is my Xmm such a poor fellow?

And what is Xmas without a log cake to complete the evening? Hehe…..


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