Appletree Playgroup 2012: Week 2

A brief peep at what Xxm has done in class for the week.


Theme: Yellow

Monday: Introduction to the colour – Yellow
Tuesday: Yellow corn colouring activity
Wednesday: Yellow starfruit stamping activity (I quizzed him as to who did this art piece. To which my innocent boy replied “Auntie did it!”)
Thursday: Big Bird puppet (When I asked him who that was, he happily replied “Bird”. As Xxm wasn’t exposed to any sesame street prior to this, I showed him some YouTube videos of the show. Alas, he wasn’t that keen on Big Bird and has taken to Elmo like most kids. This is the video that he sings to now.)
Friday: Yellow Pineapple (He must have tasted the pineapple in class because he returned home saying “I like apple!” with a dreamy look. You know the Chinese idiom 垂涎三尺 – to salivate a three feet length of saliva? That’s the look I got from him. And apparently, he did this craft piece himself!)

Disclaimer: Information presented here is in no way representative of the full Appletree curriculum as it wholly depends on a 2 year’s old ability to narrate the day’s events.


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