Mum, I’m leaving.

This is the second time this month that my darling son has decided to “pack up his bags and leave” ……. my bedroom, to be exact.

I had wanted to blog about this the very first time it happened but it was so unbelievable for me to pen it down till now.

The date was 10th January 2012. I finished my clinical attachment at 9pm that night. I knew my boys weren’t asleep yet and I might have a chance to tuck them into bed if I caught a cab home. Without second thoughts (cab fares were recently raised), I eagerly hopped into the next available taxi and made my way home. I was very hopeful I might see them that evening.

And indeed I did. When I entered the hallway, XMM was with my maid in the kitchen preparing his evening feed. Immediately, I received XMM with open arms. He was very happy to see me too. XXM heard me from the bedroom and insisted Meow carry him out of the room. Usually he will insist that I carry him instead of XMM. However that night Meow kept telling him that he is seeing things and it was my maid carrying XMM instead of me. And this occurred when XXM and I were staring right into each other. I played along with Meow and imitated my maid’s voice. It was a feeble attempt as the hall lights were on and we could see each other clearly.

I stopped the joke after a few laughs and went over to carry him but he ignored me totally and completely. He refused to talk and look at me. When we carried him to the bedroom, he just whined and wanted my MIL. So, my MIL tucked him to bed in my room and left him with us. You would think that all is well. But the boy woke up in the middle of the night and willed us to bring him to my MIL. That night, it was the first in 2 years that Meow and I slept together as a couple again. However, it was the most bitter night I ever had. Therefore, the next day, I made it a point to come home early from class to make it up to him. Thankfully, they have a short term memory and all was well again….until tonight.

This evening, it was simply because I refused to accompany him in the living room as it was way past his bedtime. I repeatedly told him I was tired. Somehow, he got enough of my excuses and told me to go to the room. Just outside my MIL’s room, he stopped and said he will sleep with her. I dared him and closed the door behind me. He brought MIL to my room to take some books and I made no attempt to retain him. I wanted to see what his next move was. He just quietly exited the room with MIL, without his favorite blanket nor lion stuffed toy.

In fact, since the first incident, XXM had frequently taunted us with the notion of leaving. He will grab his blanket and lion stuffed toy and walk out of the room.

Honestly, all these seemed unbelievable to me. If it he was 4 or 5 years old, it might not have come as a surprise to me. But he’s just a mere 28 month old boy!!! None of the milestones chart warned that this would happen to me. I couldn’t fathom that this was happening to me. Is this a pre warning sign that my son might play such tricks with me in future as a teen since he has them up his sleeves now? I really need someone to explain to me what went wrong.

Tonight, it didn’t hurt as badly as the first time. I thought I can hear him say, “Mum, it’s not you who left me. I am the one leaving you!” And this is happening even before I attempt to train him to sleep on his own.

My boy really has such an attitude issue.


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