Xmm 13-14 months

This is an URGENT update on Xmm’s developments for the past 2 months. Boy, please don’t accuse your mum of practicing favoritism. Mummy is trying her very best to keep up (although I have been consistently late by a month).

Gross Motor

For these two months, we had high hopes that you would be able to walk independently soon. We figured that you might take after your bro as he took his first handsfree steps at 14 months. You have been cruising for quite a while now and had been walking 2-3 steps, unaided towards mummy for a month or so. You have a habit of gazing up at the sky before you make your move. However it upsets your sense of balance when you don’t focus fast enough on things ahead of you. Your darling kakak has been bringing you down for leg strengthening exercises at least 2 times a day. Our favorite Combi stroller has been seriously neglected and our Espirit twin stroller has been totally ignored. We speculated that you could walk by Chinese New Year. However you acquired a new ability that most probably diminished your desire to walk. You have learnt to ride the roadster!

You are a real terror whenever mummy brings you down to play with the roadster. You relished in your new found freedom and you zoomed around faster than you could have been at home. Even your bro struggles to keep up with you (see pic below for evidence.)

As a result, you worn out a pair ofOshKosh B’Gosh leather pumps in less than 2 months. Mummy feels the heartache. Pain$….pain$….pain$…..

Most of the time, you refused to go where I want you to go i.e. safer grounds. Instead, you deliberately make mummy run after you and often throw back a huge sinister laugh whenever you see Mummy huffing and puffing behind you.

As I write this, you have progressed from both hands on the wheel to only one hand. You look so smart, just like your bro was when he mastered the roadster. I thank your godmother for getting such an enjoyable gift for you boys.

Fine Motor

I finally discovered a way to encourage you to eat foodstuff other than your cereal. And that is, to teach you…………..to feed yourself.

When given the spoon, you will eat more of the food that you usually spat out after 3 mouths.

To hone your skills, I got you to practice with pom pom balls. You loved it and and concentrated intensely on the activity at hand. With the amount of effort you put in, you succeeded after a brief night of practice!!! Even your nai-nai remarked what a smart kid you are going to be in future.

You were not satisfied with what you have accomplished. You went on to try this…

then this….

and this….

Hey boy, don’t be too ambitious. Learn how to walk first before you learn to fly.

Another notable skill you picked up this period is to throw the rubbish into the bin. As you have a very bad habit of putting whatever you found on the ground into your mouth, Mummy decided to entice you with the dustbin instead. So one day, before you put another tiny little dirt into your mouth, I held you and brought you to the bin. I demonstrated to you that rubbish should go into the bin, not in your mouth and showed you to flick the dirt into the bin. Since then, you love picking up rubbish and making us walk you to the bin. You got so good at it that you are picking up air from the ground and begging us to bring you to the bin. Your bro was the cleanliness expert in our estate when he was your age. And you, our biggest cheat of all for now.

Technological Advancement

Like your bro, you have been mesmerized by the iPad. Initially, you were harmlessly looking through the YouTube videos. Mummy couldn’t resist showing you the wonders of iPad and introduced you to Starfall just like what I did with your brother. You figured how to click on the pictures and arrows in a matter of days. However, somehow or rather, you are not that into this app like your bro. You will not search for this app on the iPad when given a choice. I think Xxm will be more of a technology geek than you will be in future. Mummy recalled when you bro was 10 months, he was already swiping and unlocking the iPad.

Let Mummy tell you a secret, whenever your bro tells you that the iPad’s battery is low, it’s because he wants to play with it! Sorry boy, this is Mummy’s and Daddy’s fault. Our white lies became Xxm’s first lie at 2 years of age. Sigh!

Field trip

Mummy thought long and hard how we can enjoy a cycling trip together since we had only a bike with a child’s seat. I was quite sure you won’t stay put in it if I put you in there anyway. Finally, I had an idea and put it to action by bringing you boys to the new Punggol waterway for a leisurely tour. It was tough work going uphill with the combined weight but Mummy enjoyed it. I think I’m the envy of many that day. Hehe.


More advanced than Xxm was. Can say

  • daddy
  • kakak
  • lantern (since the Chinese New Year)
  • Go
  • No
  • yellow
  • blue

And others when he’s in the mood to imitate. Yup, mummy is still not in the top ten list. I think he has difficulty comprehending”ma-ma”.

The word that he uses most commonly now is “GO!” Yes, with the exclamation mark! I always feel like I’m at his mercy whenever he says that. The next word is “No!” But I’m always full of delight whenever he says that because it’s usually because he prefers me to carry him than my helper. So he firmly says “no” to her and to make his point, he swiftly turns his head away from her.


It says that he should master eating with fingers on the baby milestones chart that I was reading as I write this post. From what I could remember, he could already do that for a quite some time. Hmm…..

No major changes to his diet because he’s a fussy eater.

Eating attitude: Willing to try but won’t take more than 3 mouths.

This is something that I really need to work on.

He’s able to drink from a straw but don’t know how to swallow while drinking. So when I pull the straw out, the water comes out as well.

That’s all for now. I hope to get his next post out on time!


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