Tot Class ~ Jan 2012

This month, we didn’t do many learning activities together. Both of us had just started school. For me, I had lesser time to prepare materials for activities. For him, school was a huge adjustment , especially when mum-in-law wasn’t encouraged to attend class with him anymore. He had some behavioral changes since then. He was very insecure and temperamental. But, by the third week, he had settled down in school and had slowly regained his old composure.

Nevertheless, we still attempted to do some learning activities together whenever we can.

Reading Readiness ~ Jolly Group 1

We completed Group 1 of Jolly Phonics He knows the letter sounds for /s/, /a/, /t/, /i/, /p/, /n/. Although I teach him the action associated with each letter sound, he remembers only the sound and not the action. Well, it does make my job easier, doesn’t it? To ensure I get my enunciation right, I play the accompanying jolly song while I teach. Alternatively, I will have the Leapfrog fridge phonics by my side. I don’t adhere to a strict schedule when I teach him. I do not teach a sound a day or a sound a week. When he is interested to learn, I can introduce 2 or 3 letter sounds to him in a go. Thus, I think we covered the letter sounds in 3 lessons and the rest of the time is spent on revising what he has learnt. He particularly has difficulty with /n/ whereby he will sound out /m/ instead. And /i/ which he will say igloo or itchy when quizzed.

I had read from the Jolly Phonics teacher’s handbook that I can introduce him to early blending. For example, having taught the letter sounds /s/, /a/, /t/, show at and sound it out. Then place the letter s before at and read sat. Subsequently, as you introduce more letter sounds, replace s with other letters to make new words. You can refer to this video to get an idea how this is executed. I tried this with him on a few occasions but he seemed clueless to what I was trying to achieve. So, I just left it as it is. I reckon he is not at his sensitive stage for early blending activities. Perhaps I was a tad over zealous, because the Jolly Phonics teacher’s handbook was written for 4 and beyond.

We also practiced writing in air. He gets very excited when we do air writing because……

“Look, mummy is writing a S.”
Xxm swings his arm wildly in the air.
“Mummy, bus! Draw the wheels on the bus!”
Then, it became an art lesson on public transportation instead.

语文课 ~ 四五快读(一)

This boy loves his Chinese! Although we exposed him to Chinese much later than the English language, he has since recognized so many characters. It simply amazes me too much!

We have completed lessons 2 and 3 from the first book of the 四五快读 series. He adores the letter recognition game that we played in lesson 1. He asks for this game again and again that ……. It’s beginning to bore me. So to introduce some variation to the game, I placed the cards on the floor and got Xxm to hop over to it instead.

To increase the difficulty level of the original game, Xxm is looking for phrases now instead of individual characters. I got him to place the cards in order as well. He is undaunted….loves the game nonetheless.

Arithmetic ~ Amounts 0-3

Xxm knows his numerals from 1-3 from his frequent lift rides. That’s the three buttons he can reach now and it so happened to be our frequently used numbers too.

He can reel 1-10 off easily, credit must be given to kakak. However, he has no concept of how each number relates to quantity.

Hence, to teach him amounts 0-3, I followed Montessori three period lesson.


Step 1: Identification
“This is one. This is two. This is three.”

Step 2: Recognition
“Which is one? Which is two? Which is three?” Repeat with different sequences.

Step 3: Recall
“What is this?”

Practical Life Skill

Due to the availability of mandarin oranges during the Chinese New Year, Xxm has a chance to learn to peel oranges.


It was great to have someone serve me and clear the rubbish after

@ Play

He can balance many blocks on top of each other now.


I introduced him to falling dominos as well.

Appletree Link-up

This month’s theme at Appletree Playgroup was all about colours. So I let him have some fun at his Crayola fingerpaint with some attempt to revise the colours learnt. No problem at all!

To facilitate clean up, we did our palm painting on the toilet walls.


He loved the activity so much, we did it again. His art piece now hangs on our dining wall.



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