Begone….. Back pain

Argh….. I was suffering from aching legs for the past week or so. They were killing me slowly. I felt like I was heavily pregnant again. To relieve the pain, I usually forsake dinner for a session of foot reflexology prior to attending class. I discovered this shop Manzoku in Toa Payoh which means “to be satisfied” in Japanese when I was pregnant with my eldest son. I was having moderate water retention and felt very uncomfortable. They were the only ones who dared to take on a pregnant woman. I simply informed them that I was pregnant and they would avoid those acupoints that were hazardous for my baby. Since then, I’d signed up a package with them and frequent them throughout my second pregnancy. I am glad to say that I did not have any water retention in my second pregnancy.

20120224-075659.jpgSo, I bore with my aching legs till this week when I started to develop lower back pain. I do not have this problem previously. I pondered and tried to eliminate any causes of my lower back pain e.g bad body mechanics, but couldn’t find anything conclusive.

I started to suspect my kidneys. In TCM theory, it is said the waist houses the kidneys so one of the presenting symptoms of a weak kidney is lower back pain followed by weak knees and legs. Of course, in TCM terms, this does not mean my kidneys are actually damaged.

For treatment, I took 六味地黄丸. The effects of this concoction works to strengthen the kidneys. It is neither too heaty or cooling so it’s suitable for most people as a tonic. I took an alternative form of 六味地黄丸 called 杞菊地黃丸 with added chrysanthemum and wolf berry (see picture). This added pair works to clear some internal heat and brightens the eye. I have taken for a day now, 8 tablets 3 times daily and had noticed a remarkable improvement in my back pain. Both legs do not feel sluggish like before too.

I bought mine from Sinchong but you should be able to get replicas from other Chinese medicinal hall. Even though as I write this, my back ache has disappeared and I’d found my legs, I decided to continue with it. In TCM, it is said that the kidneys give rise to your central nervous system i.e brain and spinal cord. So, in amnesia patients, one of the causes is a deficiency in the kidneys. Hence, logically, for better brain power, I should act upon the kidneys, strengthen it so that it can build more synapses in my brain for me to retain my exam info.

Well… We will see how it goes in March.

Disclaimer: Lower back pain is attributed to many other causes other than the one mentioned above. I had made my diagnosis based on reviewing other aspects of my health. Kindly see a TCM practitioner for better assessment of your condition.


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