What they don’t teach you in potty training books


As you can tell from my previous posts on Xxm’s potty training, I am very pleased with his current results. All it took was some “maturity” on his part and a book and viola, he is potty trained! Fuss free! The way I like it!

Despite the major success, there is one hurdle we have yet to overcome.

Xxm has a fear of public toilets!

He has no difficulty with home toilets, other people’s home toilets or any toilets in whatever living quarters we are in. But when it comes to public toilets, OMG! He will cry, shriek and beg, yes BEG whenever I pull him into a cubicle with me. He will plead with me, ” Mummy, No….No…..!” I will have to rush him out of the mall and locate a grass patch for him to answer his nature’s call. I’m sorry if some parents find this offensive. It has never occurred to me that this might be un-civic conscious, until I saw a maid holding a mini plastic bag (those that coffee shops pack drinks in for takeaways) for a 4 year boy to pee in at the playground. I was like….. hmmm….must we go to such an extend ? It’s good, very neighbour friendly but very unnatural in my honest opinion. Anyway, take heart that I am trying to resolve this issue now.

So, does anyone have any ideas? I’m a bit clueless now. Any help is deeply appreciated!!! Thank you!


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