Appletree Playgroup 2012: Weeks 5-8

Xxm has only attended school for a week last month. Hence, the absence of posts relating to school.

After a weekend getaway to Malacca, both boys were down with a running nose. The day after we returned from Malacca, we sent him to school but was turned away by his teacher citing influenza as a reason. Hence we kept him at home for the next 2 days. He was better on the 4th day. His mucus has gone from clear to yellowish. During these couple of days at home, not once did he felt chills nor develop a fever. So, we tried to send him to school again. However, the teacher refused him entry once again. My MIL was furious this time.

Thereafter, there were frequent calls between teacher and I. She explaining the circumstances of her situation and requesting a letter from the doctor to state that Xxm is fit for school. According to her, a few weeks earlier, she had admitted a child with running nose into the class and had suffered a backlash as a result. This child had gone on to develop a fever. Recently, there is also a spike in HFMD cases and one of the Appletree Playgroup had to close as a result.

I understood perfectly where she was coming from. If I were a parent from the opposite camp, I would compliment the teacher for a job well done. However, it has become a tad too rigid. Moreover, running nose for children that age is very common and shouldn’t be the sole indicator for an illness. The normal course of a cold lasts 7-10 days. Does it mean that each time my child has a sniffle or two, I will have to quarantine him at home? It makes no sense to me.

As it turned out, on the 8th day of his isolation, we sent him to school again. Being away for more than a week, the boy was having withdrawal symptoms. He cried and howled moments before school. In the end, he failed the health check again and was sent home. Reason: Running nose.

After another 2 days, my little one developed a cough from gorging on too many CNY cookies. Soon enough, Xxm got it too. The cough was even worse than the running nose. Hence, we self quarantined him at home for the next couple of days.

All in all, approximately 3 weeks have passed. I had not bothered to call up Appletree. Teacher was concerned and called me up a couple of times. She was also worried that we might quit school as a result, seeing that March is approaching. MIL had that intention actually.

Eventually, he did end up in school, still nursing his cough. MIL noticed that other kids were having some upper respiratory symptoms as well and everyone is allowed into class. Thank god, the school has finally changed their protocol.


Theme: Shapes

This is what he has accomplished on those days that he had been to school.



  1. Nice art! So did you have a good experience with Apple Tree? I am thinking of sending my son there but I worry the curriculum is too simple!

    • Hi Li Yen, thanks for stopping by. We love Appletree. In fact, my second son is currently there too. I find that the curriculum is well pegged to their level. My eldest left Appletree knowing all his alphabets and the letter sounds. Recognises numbers and able to count from 1 to 10. I also love the interaction with the teachers as they share with us what was done in school that day and extension activities which we can follow up at home. My only problem was that they do not havr chinese classes.

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