Retail Therapy @

Surprise! Surprise!

I actually found the cheapest Jolly Finger Phonics and activity books at

I have been eyeing these for a while but have been holding back due to the hefty price tag.

My last check…


For Jolly Finger Phonics,
September 21 Enterprise $108
The Book Depository $66
SMH Bulk Purchase $52 (clearance for last set)
Fishpond $49.95 (half of the retail price)


Likewise, for the Jolly Activity books set, I saved about 50% from the retail price!
SMH bulk purchase price=$55
Fishpond price: $39.92

Which leads me to conclude, books are way too overpriced in Singapore.

The prices stated at Fishpond includes free shipping to any part of the world. Plus I get to earn some rebate on my credit card. How good is that?!

They have advised the estimated delivery for my books on 27/3 – 4/4. I made the order yesterday on 12/3. I will update again when the books are here.

Status Update
15th Mar: Received an email stating that both items have been shipped and estimated delivery date is between 22/3 – 28/3.

21st Mar: I can’t believe it! Fishpond exceeds expectations! I received my books today, in less than 2 weeks! Though one of the packaging was slightly torn which I believe is due to the postman trying to squeeze both parcels in my mailbox, the contents are in mint condition. I am really pleased with my fishpond purchase. More so than ordering from the book depository where shipping can take up to 3 weeks! I will definitely order from fishpond again. Thumbs up!!!




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