Somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high……

This used to be one of my favorite songs when I was young. I could never reach the high notes in this song so that’s all I remember for the lyrics.

I haven’t seen a rainbow the past 10, maybe 15 years. But… but… I can’t believe it. I got really lucky this year. It’s March and I’ve seen 2 rainbows. One when we were returning from our Malacca trip and another last Sunday at Sembawang.

Xxm knew what a rainbow was from the pictures he saw on his iPad. He was asleep when we saw the first rainbow in Malacca. So I was so excited for him to see a real rainbow that day!

I pointed him in the direction of the rainbow but he didn’t know where to focus his eyes on. He kept asking,” where?” At times, he will say “there”, as if he finally understood us but he really doesn’t know. In a desperate bid, I quickly search for real rainbow videos on YouTube and begged him to correlate. Just as we were about to leave the scene, he finally saw the rainbow! Thank god! Who knows when will he see another again? They are such rare occurrences these days.

Share with you my picture of the rainbow for good luck!



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