Literature Based Learning: The Very Busy Spider Part 2

This is a sequel to Part 1 of the literature based learning activities I did with Xxm on Eric Carle’s – The Very Busy Spider.

We loved this book! So much so, I am pondering if I should get a copy for keepsake.

Language/Science: Animal Sounds
Ha, I can’t decide if this should be categorized under language or science.

Baa, baa, bleated the sheep. Want to run in the meadow.

So says the sheep in the book. Each of the animal makes a sound before speaking to the spider. When we read the book together, we will revise the animal sounds together too. For older kids, you can play a word game to match the sound to the correct verb. E.g. Baa baa — bleated — sheep; Oink oink — grunted— pig. 20120315-082626.jpg
I found a good book, My First Book of Animal Sounds, also from Eric Carle to complement this exercise.

Science: Watch spiders spinning webs
Honestly speaking, I hate all creepy crawlers. So when I had the thought to show Xxm real videos of spiders on YouTube, I cringe at the thought. Moreover I had to watch and filter out a few first before I find suitable ones for him. Eventually, we watched this.

Language Skills
We learnt S is for stop sign, saxophone, stars, seashells, sun, snail, ship and sea lion. I got XXM to colour in the pictures. He used to be able to hold the crayon quite well but is finding difficulty now. I can tell that coloring is not his cup of tea. He needed a lot of encouragement to finish what you see here.


Motor Skills

We, or rather I, spun a spider web using a paper plate and some yarn. I found this neat idea from Teach Preschool. Xxm wasn’t interested in this exercise at all even though I tried to entice him again a few days later. In the end, I was the one practicing my motor skills. Well, I needed to revisit my sewing hobby once again. Don’t I?

Pre-Math Skills: Matching Game
I printed off 2 sets of really kawaii pictures from My First Grade Garden. You can find the direct link here. I use them to play a simple matching game whereby we find a matching pair from the deck of cards. Alternatively, I will make the sound of the animal and he has to find the matching pair. This game is a huge hit with him! There are just so many ways to play with these cards. Sometimes, I flipped the cards over and he has to find a pair from memory. Obviously it doesn’t happen this way. He holds onto one animal card and flips over the rest till he locates the matching card. Then, on another occasion, I got him to play a mime game. He has to make the animal sound of the card I show him and Daddy will guess the animal he’s imitating. We had loads of fun and giggles with this simple deck of animal cards.


Pre-Math Skills: Patterning
I used the picture cards in the matching game to do simple patterning with Xxm. Even though I printed a third set, the permutations I could do were quite limited.

This sums up our activities for The Very Busy Spider. Hope you had as much fun too!

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  1. Well done my friend. I’m truly impressed by your lesson plan n impressed u get to do it despite working full time, studying part time n being amazing mummy to two little prince. Salute u! U r officially my role model n idol now!

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