Jolly Phonics revisited!

Armed with new Jolly Phonics resources and a more engaged audience, I decided to revisit our Jolly Phonics again. There was just too much preparation work to print and laminate before that I decided to simply bite the bullet and purchase the learning materials. It was definitely the right move as both boys enjoy their lessons more.

These are what I am using now:

1) Jolly Finger Phonics
2) Jolly Phonics Activity Books
3) Jolly Songs
4) Jolly Stories
5) Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book
6) Usborne ABC sticker book

Jolly Finger Phonics


Our lessons were definitely enriched after getting these books. Previously, I made do with scanned copies of the books but they lack the grooved letter cutout for each of the phonics sounds. The boys could not feel the letters. Think of it as Montessori sandpaper letters. Ever since I got these books, both boys like to sit down with the book and feel the letters. My only qualm is that it is still a paper cutout. Although it is made of sturdier quality paper, I fear for its lifespan with my boys rough handling.

Jolly Phonics Activity Books


I chose these over the workbooks because it was newer and with colour which I thought is essential to capture my boys’ attention. This is especially so for Xxm who dislikes colouring. The exercises for each letter in each book do not repeat itself except for the first two pages of each letter which I felt was very good. Unless your kid thrives on routine, this book is suitable.

Jolly Songs


Recommended to provide a multi sensory approach in teaching phonics, the jolly songs is a necessary companion to enliven the learning experience. Sung to popular nursery rhymes, in no time, you will be familiar with the songs.

Jolly Stories


These come with textured letters that allow children to feel the letters too. The stories are a recurring theme in the activity books as well. I personally feel the graphics a tad distracting.

Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book


Compared to the earlier books, this Teacher’s book is surprisingly inexpensive. But it is packed with detailed lesson plans and is a wonderful resource to get if you don’t buy the other books. It provides additional fun activity ideas that you can do with your preschooler. Moreover, it guides you when and how to introduce blending with your kids.

Usborne ABC sticker book

I had this sometime back but decided to use it concurrently with our Jolly learning. Basically, the book has pictures that need to be pasted on the correct letter page. Although the activity book has such exercises from time to time, I prefer the illustrations in this book and it allows more freedom to stick the pictures. This works better for both my boys to work on it at the same time.

I will be sharing more about the jolly activities that I do with my boys soon. Stay tuned!


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