Jolly Phonics: Letter sound /s/


The /s/ sound is the first sound to be introduced in Group 1 (s, a, t, i, p, n).


Introduce the sound /s/ using a story, such as the one below. Of course, for my audience, I depicted a shorter version of the story.

It is a sunny morning, and Sam is taking his dog Sampson, for a walk. They like to walk down to the pond. Sam looks around as they walk along. He sees a toadstools, a red and yellow caterpillar, and a blackbird on her nest. When they get to the pond, Sam and Sampson spend some time watching the fish swim around. After a while, Sampson goes off and snuffles around in the grass. He finds a stick, which he brings back to Sam. Then he barks at Sam, and Sam throws the stick for Sampson to fetch. Sampson runs around, looking for the stick in the grass. Suddenly, Sampson starts barking, “woof, woof, woof!” Sam skips over to see what Sampson has found. He hears a “sssss” sound, “sssss!” In front of Sampson is a spotty snake. It is rearing up and hissing loudly. Sam grabs hold of Sampson, and the snake slithers quickly away.

Our finger phonics book 1 was great to illustrate the story. Alternatively, you may read the story from Jolly Stories.


We listened to the jolly sound for /s/ which goes like this:

Sung to the tune of ‘The Farmer In the Dell’.
The snake is in the grass.
The snake is in the grass
/sss!/ /sss!/
The snake is in the grass.


I demonstrated the action for /s/ – wave arms around like a snake while making a continuous /ssssss/ sound.


I demonstrated how the letter s is written and both boys went on to trace the letter s in their finger phonics book.


These books have grooved letters which allow them to see and feel the letters.


No blending can be made at this moment as only one letter sound is being learned. Instead, simply encourage them to make the /s/ sound.


We went through the objects that begins with s in the Usborne sticker book. Both boys had fun with this stick on fun.


Then I worked on the activities in the activity book with Xxm. He could trace the letter s very well, much to my pleasant surprise.


We revised what we learned at play too. Here’s Xxm with a shaving cream snake on his arm.


Daddy sprayed some shaving cream in an S shape on our bathroom walls for him. He absolutely loves playing with shaving cream!



We made a spiral snake together. Xxm helped glued the tongue onto the snake. I asked him to hold the snake in front of the fan and we saw it spiraling away.


That’s all for /s/!



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