Jolly Phonics: Letter sound /a/

/a/ is the next sound to be introduced in Group 1 (s, a, t, i, p, n).

What we have learnt so far

As I do not have flashcards of the letter sounds, we revised the sound /s/ using our leapfrog fridge phonics. Xmm loves this especially!


We talked about the letter sound /a/ with our finger phonics book.

The Smith family is going on a picnic. The children help their mother pack the food. Adam packs the apples and Annie helps to make the jam sandwiches. At last, they are ready and set off for their picnic. When they arrive, they spread out a big picnic blanket and lay all the food on it. Annie rubs her arm. “Something is tickling me,” she says. “Something is tickling me, too,” says Adam, eating his apple. Then Annie shouts, “a, a , a ants!” They all look at Annie and see some ants crawling up her arm. They all jump up. There are ants all over the picnic cloth! “Oh dear,” says Dad. “We must have put our cloth over an ants’ nest.” They pack up their things and move to a nicer spot.


Tune: Skip To My Lou

/a/ – /a/! Ants on my arm.

/a/ – /a/! Ants on my arm.

/a/ – /a/! Ants on my arm.

They’re causing me alarm.

Xxm can sing to this song now!


We pretended that ants are crawling up our arms and say “a, a, a”.


I explained how the letter a is written and guided Xxm to trace the letter a in his finger phonics book.


No words can be read at this stage as we have only learnt two letter sounds. So we simply practiced saying our /s/ and /a/.


We sounded out /a/ with apple, astronaut, ant. asleep, ant and apron with our Usborne abc sticker book. We also worked on our Jolly Phonics activity book.


I made an ant out of playdoh.

Xxm with the ant.

He then, made some lizards (or rather slugs) to accompany the ant.

Xmm wasn’t interested in ants. So, I made him an apple.

A surprise gift from Ah Gong! Battle planes!



  1. Can u please post the worksheets for all the alphabets from the jolly phonics book that can help kids to write ?
    thanks in advance

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