Monkeying Around

Xxm has been suffering from some withdrawal symptoms ever since our trip to Perth. I know he enjoyed feeding the farm animals very much and he saw to it to attend to the animals each morning.

To relive his experiences, Grandpa suggested going to the nearby park to feed the resident monkeys. Without further hesitation, we made our way there with two packets of Shandong peanuts. Lucky fellas!


We saw one at first, but soon the entire clan was out to greet us!


Xxm had no qualms offering the peanuts to the monkeys. I salute my son’s courage. Cowardy mummy could only take from my son’s cue.


Enjoying its’ treat!


It took me multiple tries before I caught this picture of the mummy monkey and her baby. She was very protective of her child, hugging her closely at all times.


Parting shot of Xxm with his new found friends.

Where was Xmm, in case you are wondering? My other son, on the contrary, is more suited to city living. He didn’t enjoy feeding the farm animals as much as Xxm did. That day, he just freaked out when he saw the huge troop of monkeys advancing towards us. He shrieked, and kept smacking his hands against his chest to indicate his fear. He was made to leave the “crossfire” ASAP.

We are most probably not returning again albeit it being such a fun and enjoyable activity. We later found out that we were flouting the rules by feeding these wild monkeys. Feeding them makes them overly dependent on humans for food and some go to the extent of raiding homes for quick-fix. The most hefty fine was up to $4000! I am not going to risk that again!

So, the solution for now? Monkeying at home! With yours truly as the part time substitute for Sun Wukong, the monkey king. Xxm and Xmm find me very hilarious as I prance around them begging for food. Haiz… The things a mum will do to keep her children entertained.


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