Help! I’m hacked!


It was just like any other evenings. I handed over my iPad to Xxm, thinking Daddy will help him unlock the screen. Meow exclaimed all of a sudden, “your boy just did it himself!”
“Did what?”
“He knows your password.”
I didn’t believe him and reached over to switch off and on the iPad again. Xxm realized what I was doing. He coyly punched in the numerals and looked at me for my reaction. We were amazed once again.

I recalled telling him the numbers to punch on several occasions, the most recent one being 2-3 days ago. My intention was purely for him to recognize his numerals. Little did I know he had memorize my password.

Crap! I guess i cannot leave my iPad lying around anymore. I hope iPad has the screen lock features as android phones whereby you create your own unlocking pattern from 9 dots. That should up the difficulty level a bit. Anyone know of such apps or any creators out there who can help me?


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