Jolly Phonics: Letter sound /t/

Our sequence was a tad off this time but this is what we did.


I did a quick introduction to the sound /t/ this time and both boys were eager to practice their letter formation. They love the grooved letters in their finger phonics book that it is sometimes quite difficult to draw their attention to the pictures in the book. I explained how t is written, from the top down and straight across. Xxm could do it independently but Xmm needs me to guide him along.



Sung to the tune of “The Muffin Man”20120531-182117.jpg

When I watch the tennis game

/t/ – /t/ – /t/
/t/ – /t/ – /t/

When I watch the tennis game,
My head goes back and forth.

Turn your head from side to side, as if you are watching tennis and say /t/ – /t/ – /t/. Only Xmm followed me.


This morning, Tom and Tamiko watched an important match on television. There was a big crowd waiting for the match to begin. When the players came onto the court, the crowd clapped. Then the match began, and the two tennis players hit the ball to each other, “t, t, t.” The people in the crowd turned their heads from side to side, watching the tennis ball. Now, Tom and Tamiko are outside, pretending to be the tennis players they saw on television. They hit the tennis ball to each other, “t, t, t”. Among the tulips, some animals are watching Tom and Tamiko play. The animals turn their head from side, watching the ball, just like the crowd at the tennis match.


Yeah, having learned three letter sounds, we made our first attempt at blending. We revised our /s/ and /a/. I demonstrated how to blend at and sat. You can watch this YouTube video on how to introduce blending.


I found a new iPad app called LetterSchool which makes for a fun and engaging way to practice writing your letters (both uppercase and lowercase) and numbers. There is a lite version which is free to try but I guarantee you, you will definitely get the full version after seeing it.
Xxm practiced writing t on LetterSchool. He actually went on to write other letters and enjoyed himself thoroughly doing so.


Xxm loves the letter t since he started learning his alphabets. In fact, it was his first letter which he had picked up from starfall months ago. His fascination with t and progressively the rest of the alphabets is primarily because t is for train. Hence, he worked on his usborne sticker book happily upon seeing the train in the book. Xxm learned that t is for truck, teddy bear, tree, toothbrush, table, tractor, train, tiger and tomato.


We did a handprint tulip as an extension activity. You may find the step by step instructions here. He was too engrossed in the painting activity that no matter how many times I reiterated to him, he didn’t know that he was painting a tulip. It’s most probably because he doesn’t know what a tulip is anyway.


This is our end product. A field of tulips. The tulips in the foreground were formed by Xxm and Xmm and those in the background by Xxm. Their masterpiece sits in our living room now.


Letter sound /i/ coming up next!


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