iPad Withdrawal Symptoms

It’s been a week that our iPad 1 is down. Meow and I are rejoicing even though that iPad had some sentimental value. ( It’s one of the big surprise gifts that I got for Meow on his birthday.)

Prior to having kids, we were very adamant that our kids will not become computer addicts. Both of us have very good self control in this matter. However, unknowingly, Xxm was slowly introduced to the iPad during his mealtimes. MIL was seeking for a solution to keep him in his seat. From then onwards, the iPad became a huge part of his everyday life. So, with someone setting the example at home, Xmm was quick to follow suit. Although I must admit both boys learnt a lot from the apps, I noticed they became increasingly impatient. It was especially so for Xxm. You see him knotting his eyebrows in full concentration. Hence, the demise of our iPad presented a wonderful opportunity for both boys to kick their addictive ways.

Check out the boys’ look when they heard that their beloved iPad is gone forever.

Xmm’s look of horror!

Xxm’s glum look!

I am holding another iPad. Last evening, when I got home, Xxm asked to be carried into his high chair – an indication that he wants to play with my iPad. As I made my way to my handbag, Xmm came running across the living room screaming, “pad, pad, pad.” It was so funny. I didn’t know that boy knows the name to the iPad.

I hope we, or rather I can persevere long enough. I almost wanted to surrender my iPad at home last evening when thoughts of them deprived of their entertainment ran amok. I loved the way Xmm says,” /a/, /a/, /a/ apple, /b/, /b/, /b/ ball” whenever he hears his favourite phonics song being played on YouTube. I know Xxm will miss his Japanese lessons. That boy has been watching Japanese advertisements of Tomy toys which include but not limited to Thomas and crew. I enjoy watching them dance to the tunes of Teletubbies. But, the cons of addiction outweighs any enjoyment. I must remain strong.


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