I Lost My Phone yet again….

Despite my self professed overall good luck in my life, I certainly have very negative luck when it comes to my mobile phones. None of them managed to share a long term relationship with me. The longest was 3 years, my first bought Samsung polyphonic phone. Thereafter, while waiting for my telco contract to end, I lost another spare phone in a month. My friends even joked that I should just use a banana for a phone.

Then, meow splurged on a O2 mini for me. It must have fell out of my winter jacket or I was pick pocketed while holidaying in Guilin, China. I had a few more phone switches in the meantime, the most satisfactory being my Sony Ericsson P1I. Then, meow answering my whims again, got me a iPhone 3GS. Barely a month into it, on my first Mother’s Day in 2010, it fell out of my pocket in a taxi. Last night, history repeated itself when my iPhone 4GS dislodged itself from my pocket again. I thought I had learnt my lesson well, being more careful of the pockets I put my phones in. If it was a shallow pocket, I made sure my phone was placed horizontally instead of vertically. Sigh, the lesson for me now is to always ask for a taxi receipt! Both occasions, the taxi drivers actually offered but I refused. I should always look back to check. I do, most of the time. Last night, the taxi stopped in an awkward location and was hindering traffic. I was too prompt in getting out and away.

Age is catching up. I am starting to believe in hocus pocus. I told Meow that he is not to get me any phones. I simply must use my own hard earned money to buy my stuff. This is the reason why I never managed to save much. So, it’s phone seeking time again.


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