Meow’s kind of Father’s Day

Last Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day – the way Meow liked it. A day of fishing at Bedok Jetty!

We arrived just in time to catch the final moments of sunrise before the sun disappeared into the horizon. Meow shared later he was full of trepidation on the way there for fear that Xxm will miss the sunrise.


Upon arrival, Meow and the rest of the family got busy reeling in fish after fish. The boys pranced around the jetty, picking up the jumping fishes.


Xxm with his catch.


Xmm with his catch.


Everyone was involved that morning.


Then, Xmm demanded some personal time with me. We took off to see the ships and tankers in the distance and to catch a shot together. Thereafter, we left Daddy to his hobby.


And we went to the beach for some sand play!


When we got tired, we hopped onto one of these.


A family bicycle that can sit a family of 4 to 5 comfortably.


Lastly, a rare couple shot to relive our time together when there was just the two of us.



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