Literature Based Learning: Little Cloud


Little Cloud is a delightful story about how a little cloud drifted away from the other clouds and had fun transforming itself into the objects it had seen on its travels. Eventually, little cloud rejoined the other clouds to form one big cloud and rained.

I love how this simple narration exemplifies the unique property of clouds – clouds do not have a fixed form.

Cloud Watching

Xxm is at a sensitive stage for pretend play. Thanks to Meow’s efforts, Xxm is able to imagine anything he has his hands on, be it wooden blocks, twigs, discarded boxes, my eye drop vials as Thomas the train and his crew. Meow and I feel that this is a remarkable trait to possess.

Hence, one of the activity that I did was to draw his attention to the clouds’ form in the sky. Previously, whenever I point to the sky, it is mainly to name the objects in the sky. For example, I will point to the sun and ask him what that is. To which he will reply “sun”. Likewise for the clouds. However, after reading Little Cloud, I will ask him more open opened questions. Initially, I asked him what he thought a particular cloud looked like. But it seemed beyond him to answer such questions at this juncture. So, lately, I will look at a cloud and see if it resembles something familiar to him. I will then ask him if it looked like that object. Recently, I came across a cloud that looked like the hat in Little Cloud. I immediately directed his attention to it. Hopefully, with practice, he will share with me what he sees in such formless clouds soon.

We had quite crappy weather lately. One moment the sun is scorching hot, the next moment it will be raining cats and dogs. However, such erratic weather works to my advantage as I could show Xxm the difference between a normal cloud and a rain cloud. Xxm tells me the cloud gets bigger to become a rain cloud. He also knows that the cloud changes from white to black to become a rain cloud.



It was quite a spur of the moment that I allowed Xxm and Xmm to play in the muddy water puddle one day. I was very inclined to say no (actually I did say, but changed my mind shortly after) because firstly, the water is very dirty and as we all know, dirty water breeds diseases. Secondly, they were not in proper waterproof gear. But I mustered up courage and let them had a go at it. My only rule was that they were not to touch the water with their hands but they can jump, run and kick in the water. I must say, I had many eyes upon me that morning. In any case, I am glad that I gave them the opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature.

Rainy Weather

As we don’t routinely wear raincoats and boots in my part of the world as the weather is usually too hot and humid, we watched a YouTube video about Rain! Teletubbies is huge in my household now although it has been labelled as spastic. I like them nonetheless. My favourite is Po and guess who is Xxm’s favourite? It’s Dipsy! We unanimously agreed that Xmm loves La La because they both love balls!



I drew a cloud on blue construction paper and got Xxm to paste cotton wool all over it. He loved it!



We did a mini book on objects beginning with letter c. I obtained my resource here. We learnt c is for cap, cherry, cat, cake and carrot.


In a bid to introduce more rhymes to Xxm, I found this simple poem “Rain” by Robert Louis Stevenson. I love this illustration that I found on this webpage.



The aim of this activity was to demonstrate that the wind helps move clouds from place to place. I asked Xxm to imagine that the sheet of tissue as little cloud in the sky and that we are going to help him travel from place to place. He had never played with tissue paper this way and he was very tickled by it.


Needless to say, his tissue was splattered with his saliva in an attempt to blow harder and further than mummy. I took the opportunity to tell him that when little cloud becomes heavy with water, it will rain hence the droplets.

Observation & Concentration Skills

Our noddy fun books had one on weather and one of the activity was guessing what the cloud looked like.


On the left is a numbered grid and beneath every number is a picture of a cloud. Xxm has to take that number tile and locate the corresponding picture on the page to the right. He surprises me with his willingness to play with the fun book.

Oops I spot a mistake in the picture. He mistook the banana for the moon.

Cloud In A Bottle

I chanced upon this experiment while blog surfing and as I researched more into it, I realized there are many variations to this experiment. The best has to come from Steve Spangler. You can view a live demonstration here.

I hope to carry out this experiment with my boys someday hence the special mention here. I never knew about this and am very intrigued by it myself.

This wraps up our learning for Little Cloud. Till our next book!


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