Literature Based Learning: Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me


Xxm has been enthralled and enchanted by this book after reading to him months ago. It was again one of those books which I didn’t expect to be a hit.

The story speaks of a girl who asks her father to get the moon for her. Check out this YouTube video.

Since reading this book, Xxm has been asking me to get him the moon. I excused myself by saying Daddy should be the one retrieving the moon for him. Meow will reply that he doesn’t have a very long ladder. And when Xxm sees a ladder, we will unanimously reply there isn’t a very high mountain. So on it went these few months each time the topic resurfaces.

One day, Meow chanced upon a set of neon moon and stars cutouts at Popular bookstore. We bought it without a moment’s hesitation. Then, last night, in the darkness of the room, Meow left and returned with the neon crescent moon. It was the exact same moon in the story. Xxm was overjoyed and danced around with the moon, just like Monica did. He even brought it to bed with him. When he awoke this morning, he demanded for his moon which we had kept after he had fallen asleep. He held onto to it like a precious toy.

Before I headed off for work this morning, I told him he needed to return the moon to the sky tonight because the moon does not just belong to us. He nodded his head as if he understood.


Papa,please get the moon for me is a great book to discuss the waxing and waning of the moon. It brought to Xxm’s attention that the moon is not a constant shape each day. He is able to describe the moon changes in his own words, getting smaller or bigger. He understands what is a full moon (moon is too big for Papa to take it down)and a crescent moon.

Out of curiosity, I asked him if Daddy should get the sun for him. He replied matter of factly that it is too big. I recall a Chinese folklore of a warrior who shot down 9 suns with his bow and arrow. I made a mental note to read him this story someday. At an age where the lines between reality and fantasy are still blurred, I hope I can keep his imagination alive for as long as possible.


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