Some thoughts…

Recently I have been questioned about my motivations on various occasions. Some are purely curious while others come with preconceived ideas of how things should be. The latter group is seriously pissing me off. I felt judged by a few Q&A sessions which was not sufficient to assess me as a whole. Moreover, these are people who are not even acquantainces to begin with.

I hope to shed some light here once and for all but my guess is the intended group won’t be the ones reading this post. What the heck!

Do I want to become a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) physician after I graduate?

Yes, not full time because the current remuneration cannot match what I am getting now. I hope to volunteer my services, as only then my passion won’t become work.

What is my career objective?

My aim in life is simply to do good and help others. Hence, considering my skills and ability, I landed myself in my current profession. However, I find myself not rendering the kind of help I want. Therefore,I took up TCM.

My career objective then is any career that meets my aim in life.

If I aim high in the career ladder, I think I need to become a policy maker to significantly make changes in the healthcare scene.

But honestly speaking, I would be equally at ease if I were to give up everything I have achieved in my life now, move to a remote village in China and set up my practice. I have discussed this with Meow and he agrees with me too. What about the boys? I feel that Meow and I are more than capable in providing them with a fundamental education. Having a education on the appreciation of life is far more important than the existing school curriculum.

It’s a thought now but when the timing is right, when fate beckons, we will go.

Do you intend to take up a Masters?

Paper qualifications mean nothing to me. I get them because the society requires it. I can take up a Masters. Hopefully, I won’t be forced to take up one in my current profession because it doesn’t enhance my knowledge any bit.

Lately, I harbour thoughts of doing a PhD in TCM. Initially I thought the seven years of studies is enough to put me off from further studies. However, it seemed otherwise.

That’s all for the sneak peek in my convoluted mental state. Thanks for reading.


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