AMK Town Garden West

Two Sundays ago, my parents suggested bringing the boys to Ang Mo Kio Garden West. They were amazed with the beautiful scenic pond which had lotuses in full abundance. Mum and Dad had been seeking out new food outlets and places for us to visit and enjoy together as a family. It is truly thanks to them that we visited some attractions which Meow and I would never have thought of. And another special thanks to them for sharing with us their dating spots. Oops! Heehee!

One of the highlights of the park was a drive through MacDonald which houses an indoor playground. The ventilation was good despite it being a super hot day and dining al fresco wasn’t a sweaty issue at all. The playground was however designed for older kids so we left shortly after when we deemed the place unsafe for the boys.

Straight ahead, we uncovered an open air playground which was much more fun in my opinion. The ground was covered with sand, just like the playgrounds I remember from my childhood days. The playground these days are made of colorful foam boards which are safer but less fun and dirtier. The playground was spacious and had activities to suit all ages. My brother displayed his pole climbing skills from his military training.


As the sun rose overhead, we seeked respite in the lush greenery surrounding us. We climbed the 120 steps to reach the hilltop.


Midway, we stopped for a rest and a photo shot which is definitely one of my favourite photos for the year.


Thereafter, we explored the flora and fauna of the hill. Xxm was going to learn L for leaf for his Appletree class the next week so I took the opportunity to highlight to him the different types, shapes, sizes and even textures of leaves. We collected some with the intention to do a leaf collage but we lost them along the way. Both boys were more interested in collecting fallen berries instead.


We spotted some interesting insects on the way. Meow claimed the one in the picture above is called 臭屁虫 or smelly bug literally. According to Meow, this insect lets out a jet of smelly gas or liquid to escape from its enemies. True to his words, within seconds, a jet of urine spurted out which caused Meow to release the leaf in a flurry. And of course, 臭屁虫 got away.

We truly had an enjoyable Sunday nature walk. So much so, Xxm has been pestering us to bring him to “climb the mountain ” again.


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