Memories of Yesteryear

On 8th August, I bided goodbye to a large part of my life for the past ten years. The day felt surreal and even till now, it still didn’t feel any different. I wanted to write a goodbye post but as I lay in my bed thinking, the following memories well hidden in the deepest corners of my mind crept into existence. I needed to do them justice and hence this post.

1. I started my career at LA1 (to those who still remember) – one of the more challenging rooms then and balked at my bad luck. But I quickly earned myself the title “金刚妹”which means iron lady.

2. My strongest moment was transferring a 120kg patient, obviously with a Pat Slide.

3. I first ate my own words by going to Sydney for my Bachelor. It was never my intention to burden my parents for an overseas degree but I earned myself a sponsorship to do so.

4. There was a super nice colleague who always encourages me by saying, “你知道吗,你是最好的!” I think he just enjoyed seeing my face turn red.

5. I took over the reins to be the SIC for Sim E quite early on in my career and had the opportunity to meet  with my best working partner. We had great working chemistry and it was heartening to know that he felt the same way about me too.

6. A faulty machine made my team mates and I worked till 8pm for days on end. Life didn’t seem that unbearable for the company was great and the patients were very understanding.

7. I was able to uphold my vow – to do no harm. I believed I did not have any major incidences as a result of my misconduct.

8. There are more nice patients than nasty ones. I see great mental strength in them for being able to smile through their adversity.

9. The toughest mental challenge for me was to deliver treatment to an esteemed senior. I later learnt that she had specifically chosen to have me handle her treatment. I am at a loss for words for the great deal of trust she had in me.

10. Last but not least, I met my lifetime companion here and now the father of my boys. He had been supporting me since 2005 and my departure means lesser couple time spent with him.

10 years, You have molded me for better or for worse. This chapter of my life has come to an end and with this, I rest my case.

Auld Lang Syne.


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