Yin’s 2012 Birthday Celebration

Yin has been visiting us in Singapore during her summer hols which stretches from July to August for the past 3 years.

Her birthday is on 26th August and for her, she had the opportunity to celebrate her birthday overseas each year. To make it more memorable for her, I have always tantalized her with a special birthday cake each year.

This year, we ordered an ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

She picked up this cake design herself. I thought she would go for more colourful and cute designs such as …

but she surprised me by choosing a somewhat more traditional design, in my opinion.

Group shot of all the kids. They were so looking forward to the cake.

Cutting the ice-cream cake wasn’t an easy feat at all coz it was literally frozen.

Xxm delighting in good food. Yin graciously gave her the flower on the cake.

Xmm munching on his share.

Yin finishing up the rest of the cake.

For Yin, celebrating her birthday with her loved ones make all the world for her. She does not need fanciful presents or big birthday bashes. To her, eating a birthday cake is the greatest enjoyment for MIL never used to celebrate birthdays with cakes.

Yin is growing up beautifully, sensible, thoughtful and appreciative. Our wish for her is simply to develop more self confidence and be more confident as a person. We know she can do it!

More information

Baskin Robbins cakes are fully customizable.

Step 1: Choose your design. Huge variety in store. Be sure to ask which design is suitable for which cake sizes.

Step 2: Choose your size. (From 4-36 servings). I got the round cake for 2-4 servings which costs me $35.

Step 3: Choose your ice-cream flavour. One fantastic thing at Baskin Robbins was that they allowed you to taste the ice-cream before you decide. So Yin was having a blast trying all the available flavours. The staff concerned was very patient and dedicated in attending to her. Too bad my rusty memory cannot recall the flavours we had for our cake.

You may refer to this brochure here for more details.

The cake require 3 days to make so make your orders at least 3 days in advance.


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