Love Unexpectedly

Ours was a relationship that I swore to God, crossed my heart that it would never happen, at least not to me.

Back then, I had two criteria of my future boyfriend:

(1) He must not be a PRC (People Republic of China) citizen. It’s not that I dislike PRC, but I didn’t want them as a potential husband.

(2) I will not leave my beloved Singapore and family, and emigrate overseas.

But, like all love stories, we tend to eat our own words literally. I am now happily married to the man of my three kids, who was born and bred in Guangzhou, China.

Ours was also not the courtship that I had envisioned to be, be it a simple love story or an elaborate, heart wrenching love story like the plot of Titanic, I thought I had covered all my bases. Alas, things just never happen the way you want it to be. No sweeping off the feet for me. Instead it was me issuing the ultimatum, that he decide for himself if he wanted to begin a new chapter with me and it was even before he had expressed his liking for me. I said I didn’t want to waste each other’s time, but honestly I just wanted to confirm my suspicions that this man likes me. To top it all, I gave him three clauses to think about:

(1) I will never move to China.

(2) Our future children will be Singapore citizens.

(3) He must visit Tibet with me.

He only had one clause for me, and that is to love and accept his adopted daughter as my own.

Gosh, we were so serious about this relationship even before we began dating as a couple that we really had to make this relationship work somehow.

And indeed, we have! We tied the knot in the second year of our relationship. And now in the 5th year of our wedding anniversary, we have two plus one kids in tow. Life had never been better!

He completes me, in so many ways. You can tell I was the domineering figure early on in our relationship. But he had in his own miraculous ways soften my heart and changed many of my perspectives.

Now, to God whom I always lie.

I love this China man!

I can move to China, or wherever he wants me to go with him.

I can forsake city life, comfortable urban lifestyle and lead a simple, nomadic life with him.

I can, because I love him and my children, have more than the two kids that I thought previously was more then enough for me.

I can, in many ways, when I am with this man I love.

I have many years before me to grow in this relationship, and with his quiet, unwavering support, we can definitely go the distance.


(This post is backdated to 20th September which is our wedding anniversary.)


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