Balancing Yin Miao Yang Meow is One!

This is such an eventful month and I have yet to pen down all the celebrations we had for the entire September. One of which is the  humble existence of my blog for the past one year.

As I reflected upon my 104 posts, I believed I did achieve my objectives – to allow family and friends a peep into my life and mind. I never expected myself to enjoy this blogging process. I suppose knowing others are making time to read my posts give me immense motivation to share my next post and this really beats having a diary for me. However, I hope to share more of the smaller and minute events that happen in my life, which always only felt important and significant as an afterthought.

One such small and unspoken detail is the origins of my blog name. I have received many queries why my blog is named as such. It definitely does not give any clues as to what the entire blog is about. But I simply love this name.


Meow expressed his love for cats very early in our relationship for he used to own one which was very skilled in catching mice and earning his keep in the Huang family. So one of the dating  activities that we did as a couple was to feed the “wild” cats in my previous neighbourhood.


We even had names for them. That’s the most beautiful and cutest of all – Ah Xing.

He then started to call me by the sound of the cats. It was only later that we realised we’d used different spelling when we began using our pet names in our smses. He will call me Miao which is the Chinese hanyu pinyin transaction of 喵。And I would call him Meow which is the English version. From this, I realised the vast differences in our culture and upbringing. How a similar sounding word actually reflected our heritage per say.

Yin and Yang stems from my close ties  with traditional chinese medicine. Yin and Yang are polar opposites. Yin is generally taken to be the female and Yang the male. In Chinese philosophy, the harmonious nature of the universe depends on the balance of Yin and Yang. They are not seen as antagonistic entities but coexist to bring about a balance in life. And that is my outlook on life these days – to moderate my expectations and to be able to view things in a more wholesome way. With these in mind, I started “Balancing Yin miao Yang meow “.


P/s: Hope you enjoy the new look too!


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