Jolly Phonics: Letter sound /n/

It has been a while since I have posted what we did with jolly phonics. We have actually finished letter sound /n/ weeks ago but I have not had the opportunity to perform any craft with Xxm hence the delay in posting. Here goes…

Letter sound /n/ is the last letter sound in Group 1 of the Jolly Phonics series.

Before we begin, we revise the sounds /s/, /a/, /t/, /i /, /p/.


I didn’t use a story to illustrate /n/ simply because I felt it wasn’t necessary. The action itself was self explanatory.


Pretend to be a plane, with your arms out like wings and say nnnnnnn.


Both boys traced the letter n in their finger phonics book. When Xxm traces, he seems to be able to get the strokes right. However, when asked to write on a blank paper, he seems lost in trying to write the letters of the alphabets. He still needs some visual aid to guide him. At least, I know where his weakness lies.

Jolly Songs

Tune: Skip to my Lou

Hear the aeroplane, /nnn/!
Hear the aeroplane, /nnn/!
Hear the aeroplane, /nnn/!
……making lots of noise.


Blend the words nap, ant, pan, tin.

Word Bank

Having learnt all the letters in Group 1, we can start sounding out the following words:

nap, nip, pan, pin, tin, tan, ant,pant,snip,snap,span,spin,pit,pat,tip,tap,sap,sip,pip.

This is very much a work in progress for me right now.


Basically, call out the letter sounds that was covered in Group 1 and get the children to either name the letter or write out if they are older. You may call out the words from the word bank.

I started this after a taxi ride which I noticed Xxm was trying to recognise and spell the word “taxi”. That was the beginning. Later, he tried to spell other words with me, like c-a-t cat. He doesn’t remember the words but I think he is trying to make sense that different letters make up a word that we can read.

What you can or rather what I am planning to do, is to write out the words from the word bank on flashcards and revise with Xxm. It will also help you, the teacher to know which words the kid should be sounding out.


1. We read the letter n book from Learning Resources ABC books and was introduced to words like net, nose, nail, necklace, needle and nest.

2. Similarly, we completed n in our usborne sticker book.

3. We went on to do the pages in the jolly phonics activity book.


4. There is one other activity included in the final pages of Jolly Finger Phonics Group 1 which I thought was pretty neat.

Eye Races

At the top of the page, you can see the instruction to follow a bird to its nest. You can have a race with your kid and see who is faster in reaching the nest first. Basically this activity activates your right brain for speed reading etc. Benefits of eye exercise includes:

  • Strengthen the ability to focus
  • Increase the scanning speed
  • Stimulate brain development
  • Accelerate memory retrieval
  • Integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and
  • Heighten sensitivity

I first learnt of this technique in the Wink Right Brain Training program. You may read up more about this here.


For our craft, we did a pasta necklace. Refer to this momma’s blog for a step by step guide how to dye the pasta. I loved the colous she had churned out but too bad mine was nothing like hers. Perhaps I was a little overzealous with the food colouring. Xxm adores the dyeing process because he could participate in most of the steps and see the results of his product almost instantaneously.


One word of caution, for your kid’s full enjoyment, please get pasta like penne or anything which resembles straight rods for your kids to thread a yarn through. I was over ambitious and bought a variety of pasta including macaroni which he obviously has difficulty in threading. Xxm was already facing difficulty threading the penne and wanted to give up on several occasions. Thankfully, he was game enough to try again the next day asking me to give him another yarn to try. I have made a mental note to buy him a proper beads and threading toy to get him to practice more on his fine motor skills and to work his confidence in threading.

Our progress is a tad slow. In fact, Xxm has been learning all the letter sounds in his daily Appletree Playgroup sessions. So he knows the letter sounds quite well. I am unsure when we will progress to Group 2 as I intend to work on his blending if possible. We will take things a step at a time.


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