Xmm Loves!

Ellie the Elephant


Ellie is so called as Xmm is unable to pronounce the three syllabus in elephant. A must have when Xmm goes to sleep, Ellie has been hand pruned, chewed and biten on. As a result, Ellie has lost her tusks (not Sure what environmentalists are going to say about this) and constantly has a wet, running nose.




I never expected this rag doll Mickey to be a hit until I took it out of storage one day with the intention to throw it away.

Rilakkuma Bear


My sis won this big bear and each time Xmm sees it, he will snuggle up to it.


Originally meant for Xxm to replace Ellie, Xmm loves it much more than Xmm.

I love to hear his cute voice calling lion. I also realised that Xmm was engaging in pretend play which I only noticed in Xxm when he was 2.5 years.

I simply can’t resist this boy!(^O^)


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