Measure of Love


Since reading Sam McBratney’s Guess How Much I Love You to Xxm, we have been using examples from the book to illustrate our love for him. Last evening, I quizzed him on how much he loves us instead. We were pleasantly surprised what this three years old had going in his little mind.

Initially, I thought he would use examples from the book, like stretching out his arms to show the extent to which he love us ( see example from book).


Instead, he caught us by surprise by counting with his fingers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….. And each time, he stuck up the corresponding number of fingers. We did not realize he could relate numerals to quantity and to be able to use it in such an abstract way to measure love.

Here are the results presented in a bar chart. Please note that results are preliminary and in no way conclusive.

After hearing this results, Meow said thankfully he got the zero marks report card instead of me. He knows I will be devastated if I was last in the chart. Some other results surprised me though. Although Xxm frequently fights with Xmm, he loves Xmm a lot nonetheless which is a huge relief for me because I hope they will have close brotherly ties in future. Nainai (paternal grandmother) received surprisingly low marks, just one. I am not very sure why since Nainai has always been in the second position after me. As for myself, I am so thankful that I am still top of the list despite spending the least time with him. I guess mothers and children will always have a special relationship and children will always be so forgiving.

So, that is our report card for 2012!


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