Road Trip Activity Bag for 2-3 year olds

We love to travel. However, travelling with two young boys can be a real challenge. To keep myself sane, I love to prepare a little activity bag or my little bag of tricks to keep them entertained during the journey.

From past experience, I have gathered a few selection guidelines for future activity bags.

Selection Criteria

1. Non-bulky & lightweight, fits into a hand luggage

I try not to weigh ourselves down with excess baggage.

2. Relatively inexpensive

Many a times, things go missing on such trips. They either rolled under the seat, or get misplaced from one location to another. Retrieving lost items can be a bothersome process. Moreover it affects my mental well being when toys become less of a complete set. Hence, I only allow myself to bring along toys which I am willing to part with.

3. Minimal Parts & Ease of Manipulation

Young kids in a moving vehicle coupled with many manipulatives make for a busy and restless time for mom.

4. Shared Entertainment for Both

Because I am travelling with both Xxm and Xmm, it is imperative that the activities can be enjoyed by either child or both if they play with each other. Ultimately, this ensures I do not bring along games of similar nature yet allowing me to increase the types of activities I can accommodate in my travel bag.

In case you are wondering how many activities you need, as a rule of thumb, you can prepare an activity for each hour on the road. From my experience, I never did utilize all the activities on a single trip. Hence one activity bag is more than sufficient for both to and return journeys.

What Goes Into The Activity Bag?


From top to bottom row, clockwise:

1. Dry Erase Tracing Book (Usbourne Wipe – Clean Alphabet Book & Crayola Dry Erase Markers)

2. Sticker Book (Usbourne First Sticker Book Holiday)

3. Puzzles (You can DIY your own but I prefer the commercial ones with hard grooved cardboard backing which prevents the puzzle pieces from sliding around).

4. Colouring Book & Crayon Rocks (Kumon First Steps Let’s Colour)

5. Lacing cards

6. Treasure Hunt (Alphabet foam shapes)

The following items are not shown in the picture:

7. IPad

8. Finger Rhymes Book (Just memorize a few before your trip so that you can sing it together with your kids during the trip.)

9. DVDS (My last resort)

You can tell I gravitate towards commercially available products as making time is really an issue for me. However, you can always DIY to save costs.

That’s for what works for me. I love to hear your ideas too.


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