Gakken Workbooks: A Busy Mum’s Companion

In my quest for the ideal homeschool curriculum, I have invested in numerous programs and products. Ones that I like require a lot of preparation time, which explains why I cannot execute them diligently. I needed something to complement my busy lifestyle.

It was pure bliss when I found my answer in Gakken workbooks!

Gakken Workbook (Let’s Create)

This 192 page activity book is filled with fun-filled activities geared towards 2-4 years old.
Activities include:
• shape recognition
• counting from 1 to 5
• drawing and colouring
• pre writing skills: tracing
• cutting and pasting

What I Like About It


Ease of handling

I love the large size. It’s about double the size of Kumon First Steps workbook. Moreover, it is made of heavy duty paper, making it quite heavy but sturdy. Because of these qualities, the book does not move around much when Xxm works on it. For lightweight books or worksheets, as my boy still does not know how to use his free hand to hold onto the book, it frustrates him whenever the book moves about when he is colouring.

All in One

Unlike the Kumon workbooks which focuses on one skill per book, the Gakken workbook is an all in one solution. I don’t have to go around looking for the next book or worksheet. I can happily let Xxm choose whichever page he desires to do. In allowing Xxm make simple decisions, it reduces a lot of unnecessary tantrums.


The content is fairly simple and does not frustrate him. At times, I find that the book should include more than just counting from 1 to 5 for his level but I have come to realise that it builds up and reinforces simple mathematical concepts.

Colorful & Kawaii (Cute) Graphics

Need I say more?


This book costs about SGD $13-15 and a kumon first step workbook is around SGD $9. It is more economical in my opinion.

Reward stickers

The book comes with 274 stickers, more than sufficient for each page of the book. It is worth mentioning that the quality of the sticker is very good. My boy finds it easy to peel off and does not tear off easily. Xxm loves to choose his reward stickers whenever he finishes a page.

Freedom of Expression

Another unique feature of this book is that there are a couple of pages with simply a background scene which encourages the child to draw whatever he/she fancies. It was through this activity that I realised Xxm can draw a fairly decent sun. I drew a circle for him to depict a sun but he added on lines radiating from the sun to depict the sun’s rays. It really came as a pleasant surprise to me.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter whether I like the book or not. The most important testimony should come from Xxm. He loves it! More often than not, he frequently requests to work on this book. I have not experienced this with him before. Hence it really prompted me to write this raving review.

Now that we have completed the book, I am on the lookout for another activity book which is comparable or can top this book.

Do you have any activity book which your preschooler absolutely adores?



    • I bought it from a bulk purchase in Singapore motherhood forum. However it seems like they are not restocking it. Alternatively, you can try Amazon.

  1. Unfortunately, these books are out of print. They only had 1 edition. I live in the US, and I bought the first book of this series in 2011. Now, almost 2 years later, my son is actually in the mood for something like that and we go through pages fairly fast. On Amazon in the US, these books can go for upwards of $60 each! The original price was $12.95. I do find them extremely helpful for preparation for school. My husband, who works in a public school, thinks that the skills practiced in these workbooks are too advanced for preschool. At the same time, I have to say that the authors introduce new skills and knowledge so gently that it’s not a problem for my 3.5 year old to grasp it. And it also has a lot of freedom and creativity.

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