Creating The Number Train

Xxm was having difficulty counting beyond 10. He tends to miss 14 and 17 and arrive at 20. To help him visualize the numbers better, we played the number train game. Basically, he has to order the numbers flashcards from 0-20. He is very receptive to this because he loves anything related to trains.


See his delighted look above. I first made him place the numbers in sequence. Thereafter, I made him look for the corresponding orange card with the correct number of items on the picture. However, you do not see it in the picture because Xxm insisted on matching the cards by numerals. Anyway, we did not make it beyond 10 this first round as Xxm did not have the patience to count beyond 10. He wanted to finish his number train ASAP.

I was so encouraged by his enthusiasm that I contemplated acquiring the hundred board used in Montessori schools.


Image from Google.

The actual Montessori hundred board is going to cost a bomb. I know there are mummies out there who DIY their own. I like the one made by this mum. It may still seem too tedious for a time strapped mummy like myself to make. Hopefully, I can find a more economical solution to this.

Footnote: The night we did this activity, he was actually counting in his dreams. Haha… a simple but fun game for him, so much so he was still reminiscing in his sleep.

Are there any other ways to practice counting?


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