Product Review: La Cure Dead Sea Mineral Salt Soap


It seems unconventional to have a skincare product review in my blog. In fact, it is my first. However, I really love this product so much that I want to promote it to whoever is interested.

I have been using the La Cure Dead Sea Mineral Salt Soap for the past 1.5 years. After the delivery of my second child Xmm, the hormonal imbalance caused my skin to break out. It was this soap which helped to calm my skin. Immediately after washing, my face felt smooth and soft to the touch. The bumps slowly dissipated over the next few days and since then, this became my holy grail cleanser. This soap is gentle enough for my sensitive combination dry skin and also effective for my husband’s oily combination skin. Our skin felt supple, balanced and not stripped off essential moisture or oils.

Now that I am expecting my third child, I am experiencing rashes over my torso since entering my second trimester . I was having red, bleeding scratch marks over my body. It was quite a nasty sight. Then, it struck me one day to use the La Cure soap on my body. Previously I did not use it as a body soap as I felt that it was such a waste. Now about two weeks later, I am not itching anymore and the marks on my body were healing very well. There were no scars left behind.

This dead sea product from Jordon is not as well publicized as huge brands like Ahava. I have personally tried Ahava’s soaps as well. But the La Cure soap worked remarkably better for me and is also much more cost effective.

The La Cure lineup consists of products for the face, body and hair. I have tried most of the face and body products. They are great as well but are not as fantastic as their mineral salt soap. With this soap, I felt like I could do away with the rest of my skincare products.

Dead sea products with its high mineral concentration calms and rejuvenates the skin and works particularly well for those with dermatological conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It is purported that the dead sea salt is also highly effective for rheumatologic conditions, improving blood circulation when absorbed. More recent research also claims of anti – aging benefits.

Whatever the case, the La Cure soap really worked miracles for me. I purchased my La Cure products from a local agent. Customer service is good and prompt and occasionally they have great deals.

Why not give La Cure products a try?



  1. hey babe, thanks for linking up and sharing! I’ve always been a lil skeptical of those ppl at the Dead sea counters. Was in fact dragged in n sweet talked by one of the salesman but I didn’t buy a thing. Didn’t know it’s that Good! How much did u pay for it? I recall their pdts not being very friendly on the pocket?

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