Cardinal Rules I Abide By

Recently, a colleague showed me her motivation for her new year resolution.


I happily told her. These are the principles that I have been applying to my life.

The essence of this is to identify your priorities in life.

For myself, family comes above everything else, including my career and studies.

The next priority for me is to maintain good health. Although I do not exercise often due to a lack of time, I make sure I eat well and sleep considerably well to keep my body going. By eating well, I meant by taking three proper meals at the right time each day and refrain from unhealthy snacking. By sleeping well, I give precedence to my body to rest when it needs it. Other things can wait. Without a healthy body, how well can I perform at my other responsibilities?

My last priority in life would be my career and my studies, though I am more inclined to say my studies have a higher weightage now. Both are my passion and it is difficult to decide which is more important of the two since they are correlated to each other. I need my job to support my studies and the original intent of pursuing my studies was to further my knowledge in my field of work.

In order to do this, one must understand there is a right place and a right time for everything. So, at work, I fulfill my responsibilities as a worker. In school, I dropped everything else and focus on my lessons. And at home, I devote all my time to my family and children.

The pockets of free time that I have in between especially while commuting or having meals, I used them to plan out my day or the week. Friends or colleagues may catch me in a pensive mood at times as I try to complete my day to day tasks and organize my time for the rest of the day or week.

Tiring as it may seems, I have settled into a comfortable routine for the past 5.5 years. Although there are new challenges (new career and baby) since the middle of last year, I have roughened it out albeit with some difficulty. I am confident of persevering and soldering on, with the generous support of my family and friends.

I can and I will, do it again.


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