My Joy Ride

Our new Honda Stream has brought many conveniences in our life. We are much more mobile, and we get to visit relatives particularly my grandmother more often without wasting too much time commuting via public transport.

More importantly, our new mode of transportation has given me new pleasures in 2013.


A huge part of my joy ride now is being able to enjoy quality one on one time with Xxm every morning. Xxm now goes to school with me at my workplace. We get to chat about anything and enjoy our breakfast together in the car. He has learnt to feed me my sandwich whenever the lights turn  red. Simple moments but we are happy to have each other’s company.


It has been years since I last tuned in to the radio. Now, after so long, I can indulge in some music therapy and keep updated on what’s happening in the entertainment scene. I particularly enjoy the morning show by Kiss 92 FM, which is the new kid on the block. I loved it when they play classics from my growing up days. It brings back fond memories, and I felt myself transported back to the good old days when life was so much more carefree. I felt released and alive!

By the way, I loved this on board entertainment system which Meow has installed in our car. It has a GPS, reads a variety of media e.g. SD cards, DVD etc, doubles as a personal organiser, and more. I have even contemplated DIYing some Chinese words for the week flashcards in movie format and playing it with this. I eventually gave up this idea as Xxm is sitting in the backseat and may not be able to see the screen that clearly. Moreover, it is always better to observe the scenery around us. Don’t you think so?

2013 has really gotten off to a great start for me. I hope it has for you too.

What is it that makes your day each day?


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