Valentine’s Day Came Earlier This Year!

It’s spring and the flowers are in full bloom in our garden city. The boys are observing more fallen blooms along their frequently trodden paths. They squealed in delight as they differentiated one flower from another. They even noticed a honeysuckle bird feeding on the nectar from the flowers. The feeling was just so wonderful.

The boys found some yellow frangipani and decided to collect some for me.


Here they are, making their way back. Meow and I sat back and enjoyed our moment of togetherness. Nothing could be sweeter than this.


They made so many trips and I ended up with this beautiful bouquet of flowers. My first bouquet from the boys!


Meow’s artistic impression of me with the flowers.

Later the boys treated us to a musical ensemble. Using fallen branches, they played their impromptu song to the merry of many.


And did I forget to mention they are the sweetest smelling flowers I have smelt?

Doesn’t this sound like a Valentine’s Day celebration to you?


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