My Chinese New Year Checklist

I have originally intended to write up this post at least 2 weeks before the countdown begins. Celebrating Chinese New Year is probably the biggest and most elaborate festivity for any Chinese. There are a hundred and one things to do and prepare, especially for the “matriarch” of the family. But lo and behold, it is already the eve of the Chinese New Year today. Let’s check my progress.


• Spring Cleaning
The most laborious bit of this festival. Thankfully, I can outsource this for the past two years to my domestic helper. However, it was still necessary for me to spend many a weekends looking through the house to declutter and get rid of stuff which are simply space occupiers and plainly dust collectors. So far, I have managed to reduce Meow and my mountainous pile of clothes until another pile landed upon me -_-||, tidy up the storeroom to create walking space, and got rid of junk in all or almost all my drawers. I tasked Meow to be in charge of the kids’ toys. After he spend an entire morning and afternoon discerning which toys to dispose and rearranging the toys, I received a stern warning not to buy any more toys for the kids. Oops! Did I forget to mention that I am waiting for an online EDUCATIONAL toy shop to fulfill my recent order and my Amazon cart is full. Shucks! I need to find hiding place for the new EDUCATIONAL toys and the Amazon order will have to wait for now.

• Goodies & Bak Kwa
Managed to make my favourite cookie for this festival – pineapple tarts. Need to make a final dash to acquire love letters, kueh bangkit, almond cookies, peanut cookies etc later at the supermarket.

• New clothes and sheets
I deliberated a lot on whether to get new sheets each year. Mum has inculcated this tradition in me and I love seeing new crisp sheets. The problem is what do I do with the old sheets each year. They are still in usable conditions. MIL and my helper has received new sheets from my mum’s spring cleaning efforts. I have not got any for mine. After two fruitless shopping trips with the man in the house, I think I am doomed without new sheets this year. If I had gone alone, I probably have some beautiful floral prints right now.

As for new  clothes, I definitely have some stashed away for the boys. Aim: to dig them out today. Meow just revamped his wardrobe after he went crazy shopping at the factory outlets in the States on his last work related travel. MIL and helper has some stashed away. As for myself, I did not want to buy new preggy clothes since this was going to be my last kid. Eventually I did get a dress from Spring Maternity which was on sale since attempts to buy from normal boutiques failed terribly.

• Red Packets
Another job which I had outsourced – this time to my MIL. Meow says she relishes in this activity.

• CNY Decorations
After some hustle and bustle in Chinatown, I only managed to return with two couplets. Meow has a fantastic way of downplaying all of my shopping attempts. Fine, I will DIY my own decorations. I used to do lanterns when I was young with red packets. Gotta find time today.

• Personal Grooming
Didn’t have time to visit the hair salon for me and the boys this year. Gotta make do with lots of  hairgel tomorrow. I wanted to do my nails but Meow talked me out of it again. He said it was a waste of money.

• CNY Greetings
I need to program some new year greetings so that they will be send out on the stroke of midnight.

That’s all on my agenda today! Wish me luck!

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!


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