Spring Blooms @ Gardens By The Bay 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 falls on a Sunday this year, which means an extended celebration of three days instead of the usual two days of public holidays. On top of that, Meow and I took an additional day off each, putting our total number of days of celebration at FIVE this year. Yipee! To make our CNY a little more special this year, the kitschy me decided to brave the crowds and organise a visit to Gardens By The Bay for four families! Can you imagine the logistics? X﹏X

The weather worked against us as we were making our way to the Gardens. Thankfully, no one proposed a turnaround. We plugged our way through and thank God, the skies cleared up when we arrived.

To usher in the new year, tickets to Gardens by the Bay are slashed to 88% of the original price for local residents for the 15days of the Lunar New Year. The website was not very specific in what they meant by local residents. Basically, it covers my MIL who is on dependent pass, PRs and my domestic helper who is a work permit holder. Without a doubt, I bought tickets to both conservatories – Cloud Forest and Flower Dome where all the spring blossoms are housed.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Cloud Forest

P1040685 P1040719 P1040723 IMG_6309 IMG_6318 IMG_6358 IMG_6376 IMG_6436 IMG_6454


Flower Dome

IMG_6548 IMG_6558 IMG_6574 P1040746 P1040752 P1040760 P1040761 P1040770

We truly had the best time this Chinese New Year at Gardens by the Bay! Do check out the festive blooms if you have not done so!



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