Gold Bars for Valentine’s Day


Meow and I are total un-romantics, simply because we are very practical people at heart. Hence, we have never celebrated Valentine’s Day in any way.

Yesterday on V-day, I received an SMS advertisement from Tianpo for their gold bar promotion and playfully forwarded it to Meow, requesting it as a V-day gift. The other time I requested for gold bars was when we were preparing the dowry for our wedding. I wanted to wear gold bars earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Please do not get me wrong. I just felt that gold bars have more investment value than normal jewellery. However, we banished the thought when we realised just a couple of grams of gold bar was going to set us back by a couple of thousands. So, out goes the idea.

Hence, I was presently surprised when Meow reacted to my SMS. He actually thought that I just gave him the most wonderful idea and went on to contact Tianpo for details of the promotion. Sadly, he found out an ounce (28g) of gold bar is going to cost $2000+. Even if he factored in the free silver bar, it wasn’t that great a deal after all.

So, there goes again my V-day gift and dream.

Perhaps it’s great that this gold bar dream remains as a dream for there will always be something to look forward to.

For now, I am just happy that he has simply thought about it.

Happy Valentine’s Day Meow!


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